Brazilian enterprise Julio and Julio cuts operational costs after using Metso haul truck liners

Julio and Julio group of companies has chosen the Metso soluiton for haul trucks in order to cut operational costs and increase the operating capacity of the fleet of the mining transport at  the São Domingos mine in Sorocaba (Brazil). According to estimations the investments into Metso rubber liners will allow to cut the costs of the enterprise by 30% in the long run.

The São Domingos mine located on 150 Ha of land in Sorocaba annually produces up to 1.200.000 tons of crushed stone. Julio and Julio group of companies operating this mine envisioned purchasing wear-resistant solution for haul trucks. It was important for the management of the enterprise that the new liners corresponded to the current technical requirements of the market, were manufactured using the latest innovation technologies and complied with the norms of environmental regulations.

"Highly performant rubber liners for  haul trucks assure the optimum mobility during exploitation of the mining transport meanwhile decreasing the downtime period of the vehicles and increased their capacity", - says Ricardo Bonadia, Industrial manager of Julio and Julio group of companies. “We need to reduce our operating costs. The Metso solution meets our needs and is an industry benchmark," – he explains.

The haul trucks liners increase the availability and effectiveness of the transport. In addition to that the rubber liners reduce the level of perceived noise during loading and unloading improving drivers’ comfort, as well as decreasing costs for maintenance of the running gear of the trucks. The level of perceived noise is reduced by 50% or more and the shocks and vibrations are reduced by 95%.

Another advantage of Metso's rubber truck liners is its modular design. When needed replacement you can remove only the worn modules without dismounting the whole installation.

Ricardo Bonadia also points out the service life of the truck liners: in most cases Metso rubber liners last four times longer than standard steel liners.

"Before that we used steel plates with service life of about 2,000 hours. In order to perform the welding we had to stop the trucks for 2-3-days. When choosing the Metso liners one of the determining factors was this exact wish to decrease the downtime of the vehicles during maintenance," continues Ricardo Bonadia.

"The Brazilian market of nonmetallic materials has shown positive changes: our customers are hoping to modernize their productions expecting to decrease the costs. In this regard the Metso rubber truck lining plays an important role. And Julio and Julio group of companies has the advantages of liners for truck bodies as well as for the truck in whole. We have past experience using liners at productions of nonmetallic materials and in each case the customers were fully satisfied with the results of operation", - says André Misael, National Sales Manager at Metso.

 The news article was published based on Metso press-release

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