Complex condensation launch on the “Reconstruction of the Pulp-Pump Station PPS-1а Mining Plant the JSC ‘Olcon’” Project

In October 3, 2012 dewatering equipment as per project “Reconstruction of the Pulp-Pump Station PPS-1а Mining Plant the JSC “Olcon” was launched with the aim of dewatering of overflow product" in manual mode.
During this work, steps are taken to fine-tune technology of sedimentation of overflow product and configuring an automation system of the dewatering department. To accelerate the process of sedimentation and refining the overflowing product, station of flocculants preparation and dosing is used. To speed up the process Metso specialist, responsible for sedimentation processes in the thickeners with lamella-technology, came.
In order to monitor process parameters and testing of the possible emergencies, 24 hours monitoring of the equipment is fulfilled by “Sever Minerals” employees from service department. Commissioning of equipment in automatic remote mode will be made after fine-tuning of the equipment operation, dewatering process and software used in the project.

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