Industrial tests the wear on Metso scrapers

Based on the results of 300 hours of industrial tests the wear on Metso scrapers is less than 1%

In February, industrial tests on the Trellex cleaning system developed by Metso (which was installed on the conveyor belts of Mikhailovcement JSC included in the EUROCEMENT Holding Group) were successfully completed. According to the test results, a high belt cleaning efficiency was observed in the context of transporting sticky materials at an ambient temperature of up to -30℃.

In 2014, the EUROCEMENT Group signed two contracts with the leading design institute Sinoma International Engineering Company located in China. The contracts involved a major modernization program for the Holding Company, including the construction of the Mikhailovcement Plant (Ryazan region) that would have a dry mode of production. Initially, during the construction project, it was expected that the system for conveyor belt cleaning would require the installation of scrapers with a heating system. However, this technology would need regular maintenance, which would significantly increase the operating costs of the enterprise. Based on their experience gained from other production sites around the world, the specialists at Metso offered an efficient alternative solution, which involved polyurethane scrapers for cleaning the conveyor belt without any heating system. As a result, in December of last year, a system of both rough and fine Trellex cleaning scrapers was installed on the conveyor belts in the crushing and preparatory departments of the Mikhailovcement plant.

"If we consider the price of Portland cement CEM I 42,5H, which costs up to 3900 rubles per ton, the constant necessity for companies to increase the return of spillages to the production process becomes apparent. Metso's solution is not only effective, but also will keep the operating costs for Mikhailovcement at a low level " – said Vladislav Bogantsev, Metso Sales Manager.

"We selected scrapers whose blades are cast from wear-resistant and durable polyurethane. As a result, the blades scrape materials evenly from the entire belt surface. In addition, this simplified design offers the benefits of fast blade replacements and reduced maintenance times" – continued Mr. Vladislav Bogantsev.

After 300 hours of continuous industrial tests, the amount of wear on the rough cleaning TRELLEX ABC70 HD scraper and the fine cleaning TRELLEX ABC-T-HMS PU scraper was found to be less than 1%. In addition to the overall cleaning effectiveness, the high reliability of this solution was observed during its operation in severe climatic conditions. Through these tests, Metso has demonstrated the possibility of using the belt cleaning system without additional heating while continuing high quality operations, thereby ensuring minimal expenses for servicing and for the related consumables.

The EUROCEMENT Group is an international industrial Holding Company, and is the leader in the domestic production of construction materials. It is included in the list of Russian strategic enterprises approved by the decision of the Russian Government dated February 5, 2015. The EUROCEMENT Group is also one of the five largest cement producers in the world, uniting 19 cement plants in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, as well as plants for producing concrete, reinforced concrete products, and quarries for extracting non-metallic materials.


The news published based on the Metso’s press release.

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