Using Metso’s Trellex systems will reduce the downtime of conveyor equipment in the largest cement producer in Russia

In mid-October, Metso's specialists carried out the delivery and the supervised installation of conveyor components in the Serebryanskiy cement plant.

To prevent material sticking to the conveyor belt, as well as spillages and the premature wearing of the belt and rollers, the company engineers have found an effective solution which requires minimal maintenance. The scope of the package includes Trellex ABC70 primary cleaners, Trellex ABC-T-HMS PU secondary cleaners, a Trellex Snap-On sealing system, and a Trellex shock-absorbing support frame with bars.

One of the problems that arises in the cement production industry is the sticking and freezing (particularly in the winter and spring) of materials. Thanks to the high efficiency of the Trellex cleaning systems, after the action of the cleaners the amount of this material can be minimized. Using the Trellex ABC70 and Trellex ABC-T-HMS PU cleaners will also significantly reduce wet and dry spillages during transportation. This in turn also ensures that the rollers have a long functional life and reduces the downtime of the conveyor.

An additional instrument that can protect against spillages is the sealing system. The system supports the belt edges by reducing slack between the rollers and creating a flat surface with a reduced clearance of the sealing elements. Such factors as the height of the fall of the materials at the pouring points may cause a breakage to occur over a period of time, which may then lead to an unscheduled stop of the conveyor for a repair. To tackle this negative phenomenon, we use a Trellex shock-absorbing support frame with bars. It has a three-layer structure and consists of polyethylene and rubber with a vulcanized aluminum profile for easy mounting. The system absorbs the impact force as the material falls, and will thus prolong the belt’s lifespan.

The Trellex cleaning systems for the conveyor belts are suitable for both the dry and wet processes of cement production. The solution chosen for the Serebryanskiy cement plant has been successfully used in the manufacturing processes of leading cement enterprises in the Central Federal District, including those located in the regions of Moscow and Ryazan, as well as in the Republic of Mordovia. From experience, the continuous use of Metso cleaning devices will demonstrate a significant reduction in both wet and dry spillages, leading to a reduction of maintenance costs and of the downtime for the conveyor equipment.

"Serebryanskiy Cement Plant, LLC" belongs to the "Basel Cement" holding company, one of the leading Russian producers of construction materials. The company began operations in April 2013, and the plant is located in the Ryazan region, near the major consumers of building materials – Moscow and the Moscow area. Its highly efficient and environmentally friendly world-class production is based on a "dry" method, using unique technologies.

The news published based on the Metso’s press release.


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