Metso reduces OPEX Solution cement producer

Reducing the operating costs of a Russian cement producer by implementing Metso solutions for cleaning conveyor belts

In February 2016, Metso's engineers carried out the installation of scrapers for cleaning the conveyor belt of the stacker for additive storage at a cement plant included in the LafargeHolcim Group, in the village of Ferzikovo (Kaluga region). The maintenance work included dismantling the scraper that was previously operating and replacing it with a new high-performance Trellex system designed by Metso. In addition, Metso’s engineers tested the quality of the installed system in terms of its capability to clean the belt from sticky and frozen materials in the winter. The results proved that the scrapers cleaned the belt more evenly, and a significant reduction in the volume of dry and wet spills was observed.

"Special attention has been paid to controlling spillages of raw materials under the conveyor belt, and to the return and sticking of materials to the belt at the cement plant. These issues contribute to the early wear of the belt, rollers and other critical components involved in the conveyor system. In this case, the careful selection of a conveyor belt cleaning system can reduce the plant’s maintenance costs and operation downtime"- said Vladislav Bogantsev, Metso Sales Manager.

Aiming for reliable and trouble-free equipment operations, the management team of the plant in the village of Ferzikovo decided to set up a system of both rough cleaning Trellex ABC70 HD scrapers and fine cleaning Trellex ABC-T-HMS PU scrapers in order to clean the conveyor belt of the stacker.

"Previously the conveyor belt of the stacker for additive storage had Chinese scrapers installed to perform the cleaning. However, these wore out too fast and did not completely solve the problem of material spillages. As a result, our operating expenses (OPEX) were increased, as well as our conveyor downtime" – said Roman Pirkin, the Acting Head of the Preventive Maintenance Department at LafargeHolcim (Ferzikovo).

"Having examined the existing solutions to this issue and the recommendations from within LafargeHolcim and beyond, we decided to install these Metso scrapers. To date, the scrapers have worked perfectly well – and a real reduction in material spillages has been observed which will result in a reduction of our maintenance costs" – continued Roman Pirkin.

The successful installation and testing of this solution for the cleaning of conveyor belts has been the result of a close collaboration between Metso and the companies within the LafargeHolcim Group. Other projects include: the delivery of belt scrapers, brush cleaners and shell liners to the Voskresensk cement plant (Moscow region); and a complete Metso stationary rock-crushing system for the development of the Golodai Gora deposit (in the Republic of Karelia). Currently, Metso engineers are involved in the modernization of the Holcim (Rus) cement plant in the city of Volsk (Saratov region).

LafargeHolcim was founded in 2015 after a merger of Lafarge and Holcim. The LafargeHolcim Group, represented in 90 countries, is a world leader in the production of construction materials: cement, aggregates and concrete. In Russia, the LafargeHolcim Group operates four cement plants and two quarries for the extraction of non-metallic materials (aggregates).

The news published based on the Metso’s press release.

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