Modernization of Kola MMC

Kola MMC (MMC Norilsk Nickle subsidiary) has been making planned renovation of medium-fine crushing cascade, which is located in Zapolyarniy (Murmansk area).

Interesting to know, that modernization of crushing capabilities is a good solution for common industry’s problems. It concerns the big age of equipment and as a result it’s exhaustion. With a help of new highly efficient equipment, in particular Metso’s, the customer plans to meet several goals: to increase the output of final product and to reduce the size of the crushed ore.

Previously Kola MMC had a chance to admit the efficiency of Metso’s equipment when one medium-fine crushing cascade has been modernized in 2010. The installed equipment includes three HP500 cone crushers and two RF 1848-2 screens. In 2012 on the second stage of modernization project it was decided to renovate all three cascades.

Two HP500 cone crushers, which were recently installed and approved theselves, were reequipped and moved from fine to medium crushing. Instead of them have come new cone crushers MP 800. For better screening there were as well installed three RF1836-1P screens before medium crushing and most advanced EF2462-2 screens ¬– before fine crushing. Furthermore, all three cascades were equipped with storage bins and conveyors. It hard to overestimate the value of this project because the efficiency of the whole plant depends on the results of this modernization.

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