For the First Time a Plate settler will be Installed at a Gold Processing Plant in Russia

After successful testing at JSC Aldanzoloto GRK (a part of “Polyus” company) “Sever Minerals” has received an order for supply of Metso lamellar thickeners.

The task at one of the main sites of the large gold-mining company in Russia - “Polyus” was to enhance the productivity of the thickening department by two times through modernization of production. At present the Kuranakhskaya gold processing plant operates four radial settlers of 50 m in diameter, and they all were produced in 70-80th of the last century. The plants are operated open air, particularly, in winter time, in Nizhny Kuranakh village, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). This characteristic will be сhallenging for new equipment also.

“We have received an invitation to take part in tender on supply of a radial settler to JSC Aldanzoloto GRK in order to expand its production. Having discussed this project with our specialists and Metso representatives, we have arrived at the site and offered a Metso plate settler to the Customer”, said Vyacheslav Savin, Engineer of “Sever Minerals”, the official distributor of Metso. Further, he clarified: “Considering all project features, it has been decided to make tests in the summer of 2016 in real conditions in parallel to the effective process, and to install a pilot lamellar thickener. It has been practically proven that the plate settler complies with all requirements and it has gained all specified indicators on ore processing at Kuranakhskaya gold processing plant which will assure the enhanced productivity of the thickening department. According to the results of the tests, the LTC5250-24F settler will be installed on the plant”.

An additional advantage of the Metso plate settler is its small size. Comparing to 46-48 m radial settlers of other producers the diameter of Metso settler is just 24 m. It allows the Customer involving free spaces on the plant and avoiding possible expenses related to expansion of the plant territory and construction work. Upon successful completion of tests, a guarantee letter has been signed for purchase of Metso lamellar thickener, and now the project is being implemented. Assembly and commissioning of equipment is planned for the beginning of 2018.

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