New Metso cone crusher

The design base of the Metso MX cone crusher included the patented "Multi-Action" technology, which allowed combining a piston and a rotating bowl in one crusher. The new equipment provides powerful increase in profitability by reducing operating costs by 10% and increasing uptime by 10% compared to traditional cone crushers.
The main features of the new crusher:

+ 10% uptime
The effective time of trouble-free operation of the Metso MX crusher is significantly greater than that of traditional cone crushers. The patented "Multi-Action" technology provides dynamic adjustment and wear compensation without stopping the equipment. It also provides automatic optimization of protection against non-destructible pieces, which further increases uptime.

- 10% operating costs
The Metso MX crusher represents the most cost-effective crushing technology on the market. The technology provides up to 10% savings in operating costs compared to conventional cone crushers. Savings on wear parts in combination with efficient and long-lasting crushing provide an insuperable combination to reduce the cost per ton of product when working with ore and nonmetallic materials.

Up to 70% wear ratio
The Metso MX crusher provides maximum use of wear parts - up to 70% of their weight. The optimized design of the crushing chamber, direction of a working stroke and effective distribution of crushing force ensure the highest efficiency of the "stone-to-stone" crushing. Combined with the "Multi-Action" technology, this leads to increased maintenance intervals and improved productivity.

Multi-Action Technology
The patented Metso’s "Multi-Action" technology is a revolutionary way to optimize the crusher's discharge opening and wear compensation in real time, without human help. Adjustments of the piston and rotating bowl can be fully automated. Dynamic adjustment of the discharge opening and wear compensation are designed for use when the crusher operates at full power without the need to stop the process.

Selective production
Intellectual optimization of the “Multi-Action” technology is a key advantage for achieving the desired shape of a final product and particle size distribution while eliminating losses. The final product is analyzed up to 10 times per second with the results displayed directly on a screen of the Metso IC crusher automation system. Such parameters as the load level of the crushing chamber, crusher speed, power, discharge opening size and piston pressure can be easily controlled and adjusted in automatic mode.

Safety and convenience
The Metso MX cone crusher is designed as the safest cone crusher for operation and maintenance. During crushing process, all moving parts are inside the crusher. Lifting devices and hydraulic tools make maintenance simple and safe.
Adhesive compound (filling) for lining is not required, what is appreciated by service personnel and useful for preservation of the environment. The simple design of the Metso MX cone crusher facilitates is dismantling without heating any components.

Cone crusher Metso MX provides the maximum stroke for unloading uncrushable bodies, very high protection level against uncrushable bodies and overload in any conditions, even with new wearing parts.

The news is published based on the press release of the Metso Company

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