Training in Irkutsk

For the second time this year we have held a workshop in Irkutsk, however, this time we have added our program. The subject was “Calculation and Selection of Pumps through PumpDim Program. Operation of Metso equipment during production as a method of decreasing the operational expenses for enhancement of productivity, effectiveness and reliability. Improvement of effective classification through Multotec hydrocyclones”.

Review of one of participants:

“Each report was read by a specialist who has significant experience in operation of the specified equipment. If a speaker gives a specific example, it means he has directly taken part in the described events. There were enough numeric data and calculations and photographs presented. In general, the team looked professional and full of pride for its company and its products”.

In the end of the meeting all participants started to understand Metso pumping equipment and Multotec hydrocyclones, as well as engineering specifics of this equipment.

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