Relining of a semi-autogenous grinding mill of the Talnakh Processing Plant

In July 2016, in the Zapolyarny branch of GMK Norilsk Nickel PJSC located on the Taimyr demi-island, during the large-scale reconstruction of the Talnakh Processing Plant (TPP), a semi-autogenous grinding mill (SAGM) was commissioned. From the very beginning of operation of the equipment, our experts and specialists of the Metso Company regularly performed and perform inspections and measurements of mill lining. This work is carried out within the executed contract for maintenance of grinding equipment of TPP for optimizing the lining design and increasing operating hours of SAGM.
Analyzing obtained data of equipment operation, our engineers performed the first modifications in the lining design, which allowed increasing the service life of the lining and thereby reducing the number of downtime required for replacement of the SAGM lining. Application of the new design will increase coefficient of technical availability of the grinding mill, improve efficiency parameters of grinding, as well as productivity of SAGM.
SAGM is the heart of the Talnakh Processing Plant; therefore, each long-term stop may affect performance of a production program of the Zapolyarny branch of GMK Norilsk Nickel PJSC.
At the beginning of 2017, for the record period, the first planned replacement of lining of a drum case was performed on the Metso semi-autogenous grinding mill at the Talnakh Processing Plant in the city of Norilsk. Instead of five days allocated for relining the mill, our specialists used only three days. This project has become another proof of professionalism of our service team and reliability of Metso solutions.

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