• LME:
  • Aluminium: 

    2253.00 USD/tonne

  • Сopper: 

    6930.50 USD/tonne

  • Zinc: 

    3236.50 USD/tonne

  • Nickel: 

    13740.00 USD/tonne

  • Lead: 

    2388.00 USD/tonne

  • Tin: 

    21175.00 USD/tonne

  • Aluminium Alloy: 


  • NASAAC: 


  • Cobalt: 

    91500.00 USD/tonne

  • Gold: 

    1356.40 USD/tonne

  • Steel Scrap: 

    336.00 USD/tonne

  • Steel Rebar: 

    535.00 USD/tonne

  • LBMA:
  • Gold: 

    1350.75 USD/oz

  • Silver: 

    16.56500 USD/oz

  • Platinum: 

    933.00 USD/oz

  • Palladium: 

    958.00 USD/oz


The second stage of medium-fine crushing cascade modernization project of AO “Kolskaya GMK” Processing Plant has finished

The second stage of medium-fine crushing cascade modernization project of  AO “Kolskaya GMK” Processing Plant has finished in Zapolyarniy (Murmansk area). 
Within 2 months Kolskaya GMK, Metso and Sever Minerals  specialists have installed second crushing cascade equipment which include HP500 cone crushers for medium crushing and MP800 cone crushers for fine crushing, as well as inclining vibrating RF and EF screens, manufactured by Metso.
At the current moment, second cascade is already giving designed capacity.
Technical renovation of the Plant has been done step by step. So in February 2015, first crushing cascade was put into operation. The whole project includes 12 Metso equipment units for 3 crushing cascades. The final step of medium and fine crushing renovation is planned for 3rd quarter of 2015.
Crushing is important part of ore preparation for further grinding and processing. Nickel, copper and cobalt recovery in concentrate depend on the size of the crushed ore going for grinding. Installed modern Metso crushing and screening equipment allows to achieve optimum crushing and grinding parameters.
This project will help Kolskaya GMK to increase the output of final product from own raw material by metals recovery improvement in concentrate.     

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