Successful Metso conveyor solution in chemical industry

The tests on Metso Trellex scrapers have been completed at “EuroChem” premises. The obtained result will help us to promote this innovative solution further in the chemical industry.

In November of 2017 at the main conveyor of  "PG"FOSFORIT", LLC two scrapers were installed as test samples – for rough and precision cleaning of conveyor belts. The main conveyor usually transports up to 8000 tons of phosphogypsum per day.

Let us recall that phosphogypsum is a very aggressive material with very viscous texture which makes it impossible to use the scrapers made of ferrous metal or aluminum as it would lead to corrosion.

In order to solve this problem the engineers of Sever Minerals have suggested the use of two models of scrapers. Due to scrapers design features the removal of sticky phosphogypsum from the conveyor becomes more efficient. The rigid fixture to the conveyor carcass plays the main role in scrapers operation and the pressing force is regulated by strong springs. In order to act against the corrosion the scraper frame is made of stainless steel which can’t be affected by corrosive environment.

Before that the company used cleaning knives of its own manufacture. The total shutdown time of phosphoric acid production during three months amounted from 24 to 28 hours, in addition there was a possibility of emergency shutdowns.

According to the results of pilot testing of Metso Trellex scrapers the technical specialists of Fosforit pointed out that this solution has allowed them to minimize the number of shutdowns and provided a service interval for scrapers replacement of up to three months. That’s why the use of Metso scraper components is recommended for all conveyors of "PG"FOSFORIT", LLC.

“The project turned out to be very challenging as it was the first service experience of Metso scrapers under such conditions”. Since our scrapers were tested on the main conveyor for phosphogypsum removal in case of problems with conveyor belt cleaning the whole plant used to stop. Phosphogypsum is a product of phosphoric acid which in its turn is necessary for production of the main product of the plant – ammophos”, – said sales engineer of “Sever Minerals".

Then he shared the results of the works: “Based on experience we determined the required level of scraper strain, found out how the acid environment affects the knives and the frame, and, finally, determined Metso scraper operability in such conditions. Thanks to this solution we could minimize the number of required shutdowns of workshops manufacturing phosphoric acid. That way we have proven the economic efficiency of the use of Metso scrapers as compared to the scrapers of “Fosforit”’s own production.


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EuroChem group, "PG"FOSFORIT", LLC, Kingisepp, Leningrad region. Fosforit is a chemical complex for the production of mineral fertilizers. Raw material - apatite concentrate – is obtained at the Kovdorskiy integrated mining and processing facility. 99%of Fosforit’s products are destined for export.

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