Seminar in Norilsk

On April 25, a joint seminar of CJSC "Sever Minerals" and CJSC "Metso Minerals CIS" was held in Norilsk for experts from the Transpolar Branch of OJSC "GMK 'Norilsk Nickel'." 

The theme of the seminar was «Innovative solutions in crushing and grinding. Innovate solutions in filtration and hydrometallurgy, process automation, service and wear-resistant materials. The use of pumps and Metso NGCU in the mining and processing industry".

More than 50 specialists of the Transpolar Division attended the seminar. The leading Metso and Sever Minerals experts gave reports for the members of the audience. Latest Metso developments and experience in the field of crushing and grinding, automation, liner materials and pumping equipment were presented to the participants of the seminar.

The event was held in the format of communication, and members of the audience actively participated in the discussions, asked exciting questions, and shared their experiences.

After the official part of the event the participants could discuss in detail the most important and interesting topics at the evening dinner.

In conclusion, it is necessary to mention, that all participants of the workshop were satisfied with the results of the meeting. This is the fourth such event that Metso Minerals and Sever Minerals arranged for their customers.  It was the first time when such workshop was held in Norilsk.

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