Helping to Danila Zobnin

To live a full life, to grow and develop together with their peers –this is the right which mother of little Danila Zobnin, from Murmansk, have to defend.

The fact is that, from the day of birth, Danila has a difficult diagnosis - achondroplasia (dwarfism). This means that kid, without medical intervention, will reach growth no more than 120-130 cm.

The clinic, which specializes in Danila’s rare disease, is located in Kiev. Treatment is in three phases, the first of which Danila bravely overcame in 2014 and is now preparing for the second.

Operations are expensive and Danila’s family can not independently collect the necessary amount of money for treatment. Sever Minerals continues to provide material support to children in need of assistance.

We sincerely hope that Danila will successfully cope with the two forthcoming operations and wish him good health!

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