Help to Lyova

The youngest resident of Olenegorsk, Lyova, is 2 years-old now. Some time ago, it was found out that he has problems with his respiratory system - even with little physical or emotional stress the child begins to choke. For a year, kid is on inhalations. It is impossible to make him attend the kindergarten. Parents have to limit his activity, but in this age children are so eager to run and jump. Lyova's parents consulted with various experts in Murmansk, but an accurate diagnosis has not yet been made and there is still no effective treatment too. Then, it was decided to address in good clinic in Europe.  In this case, however, a considerable amount of money will be required. Lyova's family is unable to collect the necessary amount on their own.  So, they applied for financial support from Sever Minerals.

The company assisted in Lyova's treatment, help he needs so much, and soon the baby will go to a very important trip for him. We sincerely hope that European experts will help Lyova, and after that he will run, jump and play with his peers without restriction. We would like to believe that things will work out.

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