Congratulations on the International Children's Day!

For kids the International Children's Day is just a happy holiday, but for adults this is another reason to think about their responsibility to the younger generation and for their future. Sever Minerals fully understands this responsibility, and, in the good tradition, company's management and employees made every effort so that children from Olenegorsk orphanage remember this day.

On 29th of May, on the eve of the holiday, we arranged a trip to Monchegorsk cinema for children from the orphanage to see the cartoon "Keeper of the moon." Having taken sweet popcorn and juice, children went to watch a cartoon in 3D. After the cinema, whole friendly company discussed the cartoon eating ice-cream. The kids liked it, and in a good mood, they back to Olenegorsk went with the teachers. In the near future, they will have a longer journey, during holiday season the kids will go to a children's camp to the sea. In connection with the pleasant upcoming events, “Sever Minerals” presented to the orphanage useful gift - bags and backpacks that children can take with themselves for a journey. We wish the young travelers an unforgettable summer experience!

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