Good deeds for New Years

The New Year ’s Eve is the time when one wants to believe in miracles. That’s why in this time of wonder we are traditionally and gladly supporting those who need it the most. Here’s more on our social projects.

Congratulating veterans and lonely elderly people

Approaching the main holiday our colleagues in Kirovsk, Olenegorsk, Kovdor, Zapolyarny and  Kostomuksha paid a visit to the veterans of the  Great Patriotic War and gave them presents from the company. This year our colleagues from Saint-Petersburg joined this yearly tradition. For every elderly person they prepared beautiful postcards. Personalized postcards containing touching wishes were also sent to the shelter for lonely elderly people in Olenegorsk.

Congratulating children

The kids from the Olenegorsk orphanage for temporary shelter of children and teenagers, Murmansk special correctional general education boarding school No.3, Social and rehabilitation center for underage children “Kharyshal” (Mirny), Orphanage No.2 (Irkutsk), Khabarovsk social care center for families and children, as well as the kids to whom the company has previously offered its assistance have received presents from our Ded Moroz. Dolls, cars, educational games, kits for stitchwork and art were waiting for the kids under holiday trees.

In Mirny our company has also help to create a New Year’s event for multi-child families. We bought the tickets for the New Year children’s show for 100 kids from multi-child families. And they received presents from the hands of Ded Moroz himself.

Assistance to the children from the company employees

This year for the first time we organized a New Year social project in Saint-Petersburg. Using the exclusive forces of the company employees we gathered presents for the children from the Volosovo boarding school in Leningrad oblast. 40 participants of the event have prepared over 70 presents offering the joy of the most important winter holiday to the children.

Good job
We thank everyone who was a part of our social projects. Your big hearts allowed bringing the magic to the New Year. Thank you for responding to our request – you've made several people around you happier this New Year. This is priceless.

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