Fundraising for Egor’s treatment is closed

Not everyone today can pay for the treatment which ill children seriously need. Sever Minerals tries to provide possible financial assistance for children, whose parents are unable to pay for treatment, as well as for children from orphanages and shelters.

In September 20, we have already written about the little boy Egor and his serious illness. In autumn 2012 Egor was treated in Shemberg, Germany, but it was not enough. So a new gathering to his further treatment and rehabilitation was opened. Currently Egor runs anticonvulsant and physio-therapy in Olenegorsk to maintain his health. Recently we received news, that Egor was invited to further treatment in Shemberg, and soon on 5th of March the kid with his parents will go to Germany. Pursuing charity work, our company gets a tremendous impact in the form of children's smiles, words of thanks from parents and caregivers, warm and good feeling, which is born within each of us at the sight of happy eyes of recovering small kid. We wish Egor and his parents courage, patience, endurance, and quick recovery!

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