Children’s trip to the Husky park

Everybody knows that interacting with animals positively affects the psychological state of children. For a long time in Russia and the whole world it has been a common practice to treat children with special needs using animals. Such treatment helps the children to communicate – to give warmth and receive it in return, and simply enjoy the life with animal companions.

That’s why we decided to take the latest trip with the children from the department of rehabilitation of children with limited physical and mental abilities and children from the Olenegorsk temporary shelter to the Husky-park “Lesnaya Yelan”.

Siberian husky is one of the few dog breeds that never show aggression towards humans. Huskies are very amiable and patient, they love communication and they're ready to offer a whole world filled with love and care to the people.

The park is located in a picturesque pine forest 10 km from the capital of Russian Lapland – the rural locality of Lovozero. 74 Siberian Huskies live there, as well as several reindeers.

When we arrived there we were told the story of the origin of Siberian husky and we split in two groups: one group of kids went to meet and play with the reindeers and the other – with the dogs. Then we switched. The way to the enclosures goes through beautiful forest paths. It is impossible to describe with the words the delight and interest that were manifested meeting the animals. 

We spent about an hour with the animals as the time went too quickly. After that we had snacks at the open air, and everybody was pretty hungry that’s why they quickly returned to the place where our excursion began. 

The trip offered a lot of vivid experiences to all its participants. The weather spoilt us with sunlight and autumn warmth, and the owners of the park offered us good-hearted hospitality. So we decided that we will definitely come back to this beautiful place. Maybe, it will become a beautiful autumn tradition.

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