Helping to little boy Egor

We’ve already told the story of a boy from Olenegorsk – Erohov Egor. Earlier, in 2012, he needed treatment in pediatric neurological rehabilitation clinic in Shemberg (Germany). And Sever Minerals helped to make this journey possible.

Soon Egor will celebrate his 6th years birthday. The kid feels good. However, he constantly requires anticonvulsant therapy to maintain a stable condition. Egor's parents have to buy medicines in Germany since Russian analogues of these medicines didn't help their child. European medicine is more expensive and for Egor’s parents it is quite difficult to buy them on their own. Egor's mother asked financial help from the Company. We could not leave this problem without attention and transferred money to buy all necessary medicines.

We heartily wish health to Egor, and courage and patience to his parents!

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