Summer of Good Deeds

During 10 years of work of the Sever Minerals Company, there are traditions, which remain unchanged from year to year, particularly, it concerns social policy. Thus, we traditionally congratulate Veterans of the Great Patriotic War on the Victory Day, and children, who need help, on the Children's Day. We try not only to organize a holiday for children, but also to create more comfortable conditions for them. This year was not an exception. However, there are changes. First, the geography of our assistance expanded, and for the first time we helped the Children’s Shelter in the Khabarovsk Krai. Second, this year we celebrated not the Day, but the whole Children’s Month, within which a number of events were held. We would like to tell you about each of them in details.

Olenegorskiy Shelter of temporary children support
For many years, we maintain good relations with employees and students of the Olenegorsk Shelter, systematically provide necessary assistance, and organize activities for children. At the recent meeting, the staff of the Shelter shared with us that they have a projection machine and a screen, but there is no place, where they can conveniently use them to conduct training for children and teachers using multimedia equipment or simply watch cartoons. We helped to organize a place that would be equally convenient for recreation and training, bought bright and very comfortable seat-chairs, lightproof curtains, installed and adjusted necessary equipment.
Additionally, we organized a trip to the Game Station amusement park in Murmansk for the children from the Shelter. This event has already become traditional and favorite for all its participants. According to teachers, children always look forward to such trips. Children spent two hours in the Park, and then a delicious dinner was organized for them. The day turned out to be rich and impressive.

Murmansk correctional school
These are also our old friends, with whom we are always in touch. In communication with the administration of the School, it was found that most of the classrooms and even bedrooms for the kids are not equipped with lightproof curtains. However, for the Murmansk region, it is absolutely necessary on a polar day! It is very difficult to fall asleep when the sun shines in the window at night. We bought necessary number of curtains. Sincerely, we hope that now children will fall asleep faster and gain strength for an active and interesting day!
Vyazemsky Shelter of temporary children support (Khabarovsk Krai).

We cooperated with this institution for the first time. The management and employees of the Shelter told us that currently they need the most necessary clothes and summer shoes for little children. A large parcel with beautiful dresses, shoes, and sneakers went to the Khabarovsk Krai and is already distributed between its recipients.
Childhood is a beautiful, carefree time. The time when a person learns to understand the world around him. Therefore, it is very important for every kid to feel love, care, and kindness. After all, the future mostly depends on this.
The Sever Minerals Company understands all responsibility for the younger generation. Protection of childhood is of the prior concern of our social policy. A large number of employees from different branches are happy to participate in social projects of the company.
Activities aimed children support have become systematic for us. It is pleasant to note that, as the company grows, the geography of our assistance grows. In our plans, we have an intention to expand this good geography in the future.

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