Christmas joy

New Year - a time of magic, expectations, when it seems that something unusual, bright and unexpected is about to happen.
At this time, each of us is waiting for a miracle, and, of course, gifts. Sever Minerals continues in the good tradition to congratulate all children who need support, and veterans of the Great Patriotic War with this beloved holiday.

So, in December 19, for the children from Olenegorsk temporary children orphanage a trip to the park of outdoor activities “Game Station” in Murmansk was organized.

Kids spent a few hours in the park, and then a dinner was organized for them, at which everyone could share their impressions.

In December 28, kids from the orphanage attended youth leisure center "Polar Star" in Olenegorsk and  watched New Year's performance "Miracles on New Year's Eve". Tickets for the presentation also were provided by the company Sever Minerals. Every kid also got a sweet Christmas gift from the company.

Children from the Murmansk special correctional general educational boarding school №3 also received sweet gifts and nice plush sheep.

For the veterans of the Great Patriotic War from Kirovsk, Kovdor and Olenegorsk Sever Minerals prepared holiday food packages for the New Year table.

Getting gifts is very pleasant, but it is not less pleasant to give them and to see sincere emotion and joy in return.

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