New Year’s Holiday is a time of presents and meetings

Being excited about upcoming holidays we have become Santa Clauses as we annually do for all who is in need.

This year we have decided to spread our celebration wider and we have presented food-boxes for World War II veterans from Kirovsk, Kovdor, Olenegorsk, Zapolyarnij and Kostomuksha.
Kids from Olenegorsk’s temporary children orphanage and from Murmansk’s special correctional general educational boarding school №3 whom we traditionally support were showered by us with sweet gifts and games for festive and more memorable New Year’s Eve.

In addition, we have given courage to new children from different cities. We have helped with a furniture for rest area in Specialized child’s home in Petrozavodsk and also our Santa Clause has managed to visit Mirnij and it’s correction center for minors “Khariskhal” and bring children games and audio system, and at the same time our Santa was in Irkutsk’ Orphan home №2 and gifted children sweets and toys.

We strongly believe that unique New Year's atmosphere gives people hope for all the best. We wish you to have lots of happiness in 2017 year and let all your dreams come true! Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

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