Helping the orphanage in Irkutsk and social center in Khabarovsk

The Khabarovsk Center for Social Assistance to Families and Children is a comprehensive institution where Khabarovsk families come in need of help. At the premises of the Center there is a department of social rehabilitation for children. This is a temporary shelter for children going through difficult situation in life, for example, if the child is left without parental care or faced with violence in the family.

The department of social rehabilitation is always in need of  children’s clothing. That’s why we sent a package with bright T-shirts and pants to the Khabarovsk Krai, and they were already distributed to its recipients.

The Irkutsk orphanage No.2 for children with special needs received out help for the first time. We helped to arrange the auditorium where all events and parties for children are held by providing comfortable chairs.

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