We continue fund raising for Danil Zobnin treatment

We already wrote athe story of small Murmansk child Danil Zobnin. From the birth Danil was diagnosed with such disease as achondroplasia (dwarfism).  To have possibility to grow and develop as other children Danil needs medial help. Without help of doctors, he will grow only up to 120-130cm.
Operations needed for Danil’s good development are made in Kiev, where there is hospital specialized in such diseases. The treatment is very expensive and goes in several stages, where each costs 12000 USD. 
In April 2015 one of the stage for the treatment was finalized. At that time Sever Minerals made its contribution for Danil’s treatment and getting well.
The child was brave and the doctors made positive forecasts.
In 2016 the last treatment stage is planned and Danil’s family is forced to collect funds to make this stage happen.
This time Sever Minerals also helped to Danil as he needs this help.
We wish Danil to overcome bravely this final treatment stage!

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