Summer begins with The Children’s Day

The company “Sever Minerals” has congratulated kids from Olenegorsk’s social institutions with International Children’s Day.

It has already been more than 60 years of this holiday, when many countries of the world celebrate the International Children’s Day on June 1. To celebrate it indeed pupils from Olenegorsk temporary children orphanage need help. Fortunately and traditionally, we can do it for them. This year 15 kids with attendants went to Murmansk, the capital of polar region, to visit Game station with dozen of fascinating activities. After playing with friendly animators children had a tasty lunch in the nearest cafe.

“No doubts, such trips bring kids excellent mood and a feeling of their significance and importance,” – comments a representative from orphanage. Then she said that it was a priceless contribution in charity development in general and a meaningful courage for every child in their organization in particular.

Besides there were other children, who has been given gifts this day. Brushes, paints, colored paper and other stationery were the most desired present for kids from Department of rehabilitation minors with mental and physical disabilities from Olenegorsk’s Integrated Social Development Center. All these stuff will be used during arts and crafts in school and, hopefully, are going to help children in their nearest recovery.

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