Day of Knowledge

First day of September - a magical and, at the same time, an exciting day for the millions of schoolchildren and their parents. The Day of Knowledge is a special and long-awaited day for those who first entered the school. After all, today’s first graders will enter a whole new life. This is also a celebration for those who are returning to school  and are taking another step on the school journey full of various discoveries. Sever Minerals understands the importance of this wonderful day for the kids and usually gives useful gifts for young explorers.

This year, children from Murmansk special correctional general educational boarding school №3 received as a gift from the Company office kits and equipment for the household arrangement of rooms, while  the first-graders from Olenegorsk temporary children orphanage went to school with new comfortable backpacks.

The team of Sever Minerals heartily wishes the kids to have happy and enjoyable studies!

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