International Children's Day

Childhood is very happy time for many of us, with very warm feelings we always remember the years of our youth and childhood, but not all people can tell about happy memories of childhood. We want to make every effort to ensure that our children, the children of our time, could smile a few years later, remembering the years, when they were young when they were growing up, and entered into adulthood. Children rely on us, they fully trust us, they need us and we can not live without us.

As the part of  "Children's Day", Sever Minerals has sponsored the project "Joy of Life", which holds the TV-21.

For the children in the Oncohematology department we presented programs for interactive educational equipment.

We didn’t remain without attention Murmansk regional public organization of the disabled people "School of Kindness". We assisted them in organizing a trip to Finland. Holiday event "Childhood - tomorrow is your day, the Earth" in a social orphanage for children and teenagers in Olenegorsk took place.

Our employees were guests of this holiday, and pleased children with wonderful modular designer.

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