Warmth of the hearts

Murmansk special correctional general educational boarding school № 3 – this is a big light house, which gathered, under its roof, poor children from different parts of the Murmansk region. Each of these kids has a real big trouble.

Some of them have a single mother, who cannot get out of poverty; someone is from a large family, which suffered great sorrow, and yet parents can not give their children home and education; some of them have only drunk relatives, which abandoned the children.  It is impossible to calculate all the diseases of modern society. 

99 kids, who taught at the boarding school, have different hearing and visual impairment, 60 children - invalids, 18 children – orphans.

This boarding school is the only school, in which totally blind children and children with hearing impairment from  Murmansk and the cities of Murmansk Region: Monchegorsk, Olenegorsk, Nickel, Pechenga, Zapolyarny, Snezhnogorsk and other cities, are learning. Taking care of the younger generation has become our common concern. Sever Minerals does not remain indifferent, and contributes to the development of children - orphans and disabled. We made a game room, presented notebook for a more comfortable work of teachers, presented educational games. In this boarding school teachers try to give children a feeling of home and family, to develop the habit of helping each other and adults, to raise responsibility for their deeds and actions, to restore a sense of community and necessity, to provide guidance for future independent life.

We hope that the children, deprived of a normal childhood,   who came to the orphanage with severe psychological traumas and with developmental disability, will find support in the face of those people, who care for them. 

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