Congratulations on the International Children's Day!

On the first day of summer, in Russia, we celebrate a holiday that connects carefree children fun and our concern about the fate of the younger generation. Children, like no other, are helpless to the realities of the modern world. And we, adults, have to ensure their right to happy childhood and give them popular knowledge, develop talents, learn to be independent and confident to confront the difficulties. Physical culture and sports has a big importance for the younger generation. Sever Minerals is trying to create conditions for not only intellectual development, but also physical, for children from Olenegorsk departments for minors requiring social rehabilitation. This year, “Sever Minerals”‘s   employees presented as a gift an inflatable pool, which can be used both in summer and in winter. The children's performance "The Cat's house", in which talented little actors performed their roles, was the successful completion of the event. On this day, we want to thank everyone who has devoted himself to working with children. We wish all the teachers patience, wisdom, and success in the difficult task of parenting, and for children - sunny summer, happy holidays, new friends, good health, happiness and success.

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