Electromechanical drives

Sever Minerals is an official partner of WEG and Danfoss, the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech electrical equipment which helps implement reliable and energy efficient solutions for stable operations.

Electromechanical drive department implements typical and customized solutions to develop and implement electromechanical drive systems and multi-level automated process control systems using frequency converters.

We have many years of experience in implementation of both package projects and individual equipment deliveries for mining, metallurgy and chemical businesses.

The offered drive equipment can handle the most rugged applications, demonstrates high reliability and long life.

Our professionals are always ready to provide the necessary technical assistance for correct selection and design, will help select equipment to the best technical and economical parameters to fit demands and specifics of operations and process.

Solutions by Electromechanical Drive Department:

  • Turn-key implementation of electromechanical drive systems:
  • Surveys on site
  • Engineering, feasibility studies
  • Investment calculations
  • Equipment deliveries
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Training of client employees
  • Improving power of the electromechanical drive to enhance performance.
  • Upgrades of obsolete and worn equipment.

Package and project supplies of:

  • Motors (up to 30 MW)
  • Frequency converters and soft starters (up to 25 MW)
  • Electromechanical drive equipment
  • Automated control systems (ACS)